About Us

My Perfect Will is not a “will”. My Perfect Will is a unique, one of a kind, all- inclusive way to communicate personal information. My Perfect Will Legacy Guide captures the essence of one’s life no matter how different one’s life may be; their wishes, family tree and other personal pertinent instructions are included in the detailed guide. My Perfect Will has been reviewed by religious leaders, judges, lawyers, and financial advisors who all praise the care and level of details captured in the durable, heavy-bonded pages. This is the most comprehensive document on the market today. Some of the areas included in the My Perfect Will Guide that are not in other products are:

  • Pet Care

  • Photographs

  • Awards and other Achievements

  • Family Tree

  • Medical Information

The most important and lasting gift you can give your loved ones is the gift of leaving a legacy. Although defined as “a gift by will, especially of money or other personal property”, a legacy goes beyond the physical things that we leave behind. A legacy is about leaving your mark on the world. Will you be remembered as a kind person who did your best to provide for your family and help them learn from their past? Or as a person who gave your all to improve your community for those who have yet to come? Will you even be remembered?